Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Silent Heart Attack Symptoms

Silent Heart Attack SymptomsMyocardial infarction is a condition that’s portrayed by chest pain with no existence of infarction symptoms that are identifying. Chest pain might be regarded as probably the most typical symptoms experienced during myocardial infarction. Nevertheless, quiet myocardial infarction isn’t usually accompanied by intense chest pain. Consequently, the trait of infarction that is quiet may be without any sign that is formidable. This condition leads and progresses to 25 percent to 30% of myocardial infarction cases. Infarction is a term that is. This condition is related to changes in heart the tissue in heart muscles perish. As an example, a condition called atherosclerosis where in the arteries which provide blood flow are narrowed which leads to truncation.

Because of such decrease in oxygen and blood into area of the heart, the area’s tissue might perish. This leads to numbness of the hand and pain in chest. Nevertheless, because of nerves severe symptoms could be absent in myocardial infarction. It is believed that quiet myocardial infarction is generally resulted as a result of obesity or corpulence, high degree of cholesterol, malformation of center, weak center etc. Silent and mild myocardial infarction can be repeating in individuals who’re unaware of such attacks. It’s since they are not aware of the incidence of its own symptoms, because they do not seek treatment.


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symptoms silent heart attackMany of those signs are the following! Irregular or increase speed of heart beats – Angina which is portrayed by pain in the chest or distress experienced in the chest. Occasionally the patient can also feel tightness, burning sensation, ache or squeezing sensation at that the chest the might persist over a few minutes or can be recurring. Occasionally the symptoms can be mistaken as heartburn or indigestion. Read more about burning sensation in that the chest. In some case the patient can also experience distress and ache in areas of upper body like left shoulder, back, stomach, arms or in jaw etc.

A patient can also suffer from difficulties in respiration. In several cases a patient can also experience excessive sweating which might not be due to heat or exertion. This is more commonly known as cold sweating. As stated before, the effected individual can also feel indigestion or choking which might seem like heartburn as well. Differ in women : As compared signs of quiet myocardial infarction. Vertigo, drowsiness, fatigue or nervousness can also be experienced. Signs of quiet myocardial infarction might differ in women : As compared with men, women can have dissimilar signs of quiet myocardial infarction.

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