Health Benefits Of Maqui Berry

Health Benefits Of Maqui Berry

Health Benefits Of Maqui BerryStudies of a standardized extract of Maqui Berry fruits full of delphinidins from the maintenance of glucose equilibrium – Anthocyanins are polyphenols with anti inflammatory action, to which lots of healthful biological activities are credited, including avoidance or decrease in risk for coronary disease, diabetes mellitus, diabetes, and cancer. This work shows that a standardized extract of maqui in delfinidines, reduces the levels of blood glucose.

Read full study. Maqui berry and the avoidance of macular degeneration – Effectiveness of maqui extract to keep the death of photo receptor cells by exposure. A team of investigators from Gify Pharmaceutical University, as well as the Research & Development Division of Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Co., Ltd, both from Japan, publised in 2013 a study paper on the properties of specific elements of maqui berry to keep the loss of eyesight caused by light exposure.


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Read full study. Restoration of secretion capacity by treatment of maqui extract. Another study investigated maqui berry’s impact.maqui berry benefits The study results may represent an extremely potent nutrient treatment for its avoidance and indicate that maqui extract eye symptoms by performing the gland.

Read abstract. Maqui berry : A nutraceutical of medical relevance – Author Dr. Jorge Alonso Published by also the Sociedad de Farmacologa de Chile. Nutraceuticals form a heterogeneous group of food, which besides its own mere nutrient purpose, claim to have a beneficial impact for human health. Amongst these food, maqui berry stands out. Currently, there are many products based to maqui berry extracts from the North American market.

Read full study. Maqui berry : The smallest and most strong natural anti age – anti aging, anti obesity and chronic diseases preventative! this are a number of also the beneficial health properties of maqui berry. Among the berry, Maqui Berry is also the richest in anthocyanins what makes it the most anti-oxidant fruits in the world. And maqui is a small berry that grows wild at southern Patagonia, known by ancient times to also the native population of the part of also the world, also the Mapuche, who used it as an energizer and as a remedy to be applied on wounds.

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