Common Myths About Pregnancy

Common Myths About Pregnancy

Common Myths About PregnancyWith just about everyone you know introducing you it is quite common that you get lost and not understand what to think about. While most myths about pregnancy can’t be backed up with facts, some of them can be worth your consideration.



Myths about Pregnancy You Should know about – Myth should not take a tub. Women that are pregnant are frequently advised not to bathe regularly.

Fact –  This myth has no base. Bathing keeps you clean and free from germs that might harm your baby.



Generally, avoid bathing in water warm enough to increase your temperature of the body over 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is deemed safe for women that are pregnant. It is considered that if your belly is lying you’ll have a boy if your belly is lying and you will have a woman. Stomach muscles stretch with subsequent pregnancies. If there is a woman’s belly higher up, it probably means its pregnancy or she abdomen muscles. A belief present whenever you become pregnant, you’ll be eating for two.

Fact – A woman that is pregnant needs to add part of calories to support the infant and not have.


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some common myths about pregnancy


The amount of calories depends upon the trimester of pregnancy, and also the weight, height of the women. Normally, girls will need to consume about 300 additional calories during pregnancy. Some think about who drinking an occasional glass of wine is harmless during pregnancy and may have no bearing on your baby.

Fact – Alcohol should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy. It is because there’s been no study about the amount of alcohol that’s considered safe when you’re pregnant. A mother who has consumed alcohol during pregnancy might put her baby at risk of FASD. Babies of mothers who’ve consumed alcohol additionally have a higher chance of having congenital disability, brain, and cell damage.


Myth – You Shouldn’t Have Sex During Pregnancy

It’s believed that sex during pregnancy may cause miscarriage or can even induce labour.

Fact – Sex doesn’t induce labour. Your baby is in an amniotic sac who keeps it well protected. Prostaglandins, substances in semen, in Addition to the contractions who occur during sex, can accelerate labor in several cases. Some physicians even prescribe it. Nevertheless, physicians might advise you against it if you’ve complications like placenta praevia, a dilated cervix, cervical insufficiency, ruptured membranes, abnormal discharge, and if you’re at the potential risk of premature labour.



Myth – Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Exercise – Exercising while pregnant may harm the infant and cause miscarriage or induce premature labour.

Fact – Moderate walking or swimming are all excellent ways to remain healthy.

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